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Autumn Lilac NOW

Autumn Lilac Organics is the creation of Zorka and Dolf Szilagyi, who also own a supplement-vitamin-wellness store in Mission, BC.  Love for what they do has made them health and wellness experts in their local community and afar. 


 Autumn Lilac Organics is about the quest for Optimal Health. In the quest for maximum optimal health, Dolf and Zorka are always hunting for products that are natural, organic, non-GMO, animal friendly, vegan and fair trade products. Only natural organic products that have met Dolf and Zorka’s high personal standards are sold on


Autumn Lilac ORIGINS

Zorka first started learning about natural products and holistic healing in her late teens when a devastating shock hit her family. Her mother was diagnosed with emphysema, which prompted Zorka to start on her journey to discover why healthy people develop diseases or ailments and most important, solutions. 


Zorka became obsessed with reading everything she could get her hands on about healing, vitamins and supplements.  With the determination that comes from within, she discovered the source of her mother’s disease. Toxic chemicals in the cleaning supplies her mother used while working as a janitor. Stunned by the revelation she was propelled on a mission to search for answers to help others suffering from ailments.

So where did they get the name Autumn Lilac Organics? Autumn and Lilac are the English translations of their children’s names. The inspiration and joy of their children is the reason they do what they do. 


Autumn Lilac FUTURE

Autumn Lilac’s vision is to bring our members the best of the best in vitamins, supplements, makeup, skincare and body products and much more.  


Our mission is to exceed our members expectations and introduce new and exciting organic products for them and their family. Our goal is to introduce natural organic products that help lead our members to Optimal Health. 

Our members and customers can count on Autumn Lilac for high quality products at a fair price.    

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