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Truehope makes all natural nutritional supplements, for improving mental and physical health. Truehope is a non-profit company committed to supporting mental and physical well being. Autumn Lilac Organics is very proud to sell Truehope products online in Canada.

Truehope's History

Truehope was started in 1996 by Anthony Stephan and David Hardy after Anthony's wife Debbie committed suicide from a long battle with bipolar affective disorder (BAD). They began on the quest to create Truehope nutritional supplements that could be used to conquer mental health conditions such as BAD. [#readmore2 title=truehope bad]
After a few years of developing the right formula, Anthony&David finally created Truehope EMP. This product has even helped 2 of Anthony's children overcome the same illness that his wife could not conquer on her own. Anthony&David then went on to form The Synergy Group of Canada Inc. This is a non medical research group dedicated to researching and overcoming the disorders of the central nervous system. [/#readmore2]

Truehope is Known for as the Leader in Brain Health

Built on the assertion that many types of mental illness are caused by poor nutrition, Truehope has developed all natural daily health supplements with high levels of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed and used by the body. Truehope stipulates that mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Vitamins and minerals are needed for the production of neurotransmitters, so a shortage of vitamins and minerals may be the reason for a chemical imbalance. Truehope supplements give the body the nutrition it needs to function at its best, instead of covering up symptoms with prescribed medication.

Truehope Uses Clinical Studies

Truehope's nutritional supplements have been found in clinical studies to have regular positive results on mental health and these results have been published in popular medical journals 25 times, two of them being double-blind studies. If you are experiencing mental illness or a mood disorder such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder or ADHD, and you want to treat the cause efficiently, instead of masking the symptoms with medication, you can benefit from using Truehope nutritional supplements.
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