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SISU is a Canadian company that makes premium vitamins and natural health products. Autumn Lilac Organics sells SISU vitamins and supplements online in Canada. You can always count on consistent superior quality with SISU.

SISU is a Canadian Company

SISU has been selling vitamins and health products for over 30 years in Canada. SISU has over 160 products in the health and wellness market, each designed specifically for a certain need. SISU's headquarters are located in Burnaby, British Columbia where they encourage and empower their dedicated personnel to produce only the highest grade of products to promote superior health. [#readmore2 title=sisu-vitamins]
These products are distributed across Canada where health professionals assist customers in making the best choices to improve their health and prevent disease with SISU. [/#readmore2]

What does SISU Stand For?

"SISU", (pronounced see-sue), is translated from Finnish as "strength and stubborn determination" together with "stamina and courage" - particularly when overcoming barriers. This meaning explains the commitment to the creation and development of SISU's leading premium vitamins. It also speaks to those who take assertive command of their health and wellness, people like our customers. SISU can help you release your inner strength.

Quality Vitamins by SISU

SISU vitamins are derived from the most current scientific studies from the health and wellness sector. SISU frequently examines the latest techniques, pioneering new product ideas and search for innovative materials. Their product development is founded mainly on information from either the scientific community or time-honoured traditional use, some products being a combination of both. There is a lot of research behind Sisu vitamins and supplements. [#readmore2 title=sisu-vitamins-2]
The name SISU equals trust and quality in Canada. Only the purest raw materials are used with the strictest quality control testing. SISU's consistent high standards surpass Canadian regulatory requirements. Meet all your nutritional and wellness needs with Sisu. [/#readmore2]

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