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Routine Deodorant

Routine Deodorant is a natural handmade deodorant for women and men. Made in Canada, Routine Deodorant is the best natural deodorant alternative for health conscious men and women. Autumn Lilac Organics sells all of Routine's natural deodorants online in Canada. [#readmore2 title=routine-deodorant] Routine uses natural ingredients that include essential oils, and edible organic flavour oils. The formula used in Routine Deodorant is amazing and is designed to leave you with a clean, refreshing feeling. The silky essential oils infused in this natural deodorant not only remove unpleasant odours, it also releases a lovely fragrance throughout the day. Just imagine using a natural deodorant every day that smells so great you want to eat it up.[/#readmore2]

Routine Deodorant Uses Natural Ingredients

Routine Deodorant only contains clean, natural ingredients with an alternative application technique. This technique reduces bacteria to the product and makes it effective to the end of the jar. Each jar of deodorant lasts 3-6 months with regular use and has a shelf life of 12 months. Autumn Lilac Organics is pleased to carry Routine Deodorant, the effective, great smelling natural alternative.

Routine Deodorant is Available in 12 Scents

Routine natural deodorant keeps body odour away and smells good too. Routine uses natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents in place of harmful deodorizing chemicals like aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate and parabens. Routine also has deodorants that are vegan, sensitive skin friendly, and for men. The use of natural ingredients in Routine Deodorants results in deodorants that smell like citrus, apples and berries.

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