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Progressive makes multi vitamins and nutritional supplements that contain specific ratios of vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients to supplement a busy lifestyle and live longer. Autumn Lilac Organics sells Progressive online in Canada

Multi Vitamins to Combat Stress

Progressive multi vitamins are created under the leadership of renowned naturopath Dr. Mikhael Adams B.Sc., ND. Multi vitamins are crafted from the highest quality raw materials available around the globe. Progressive takes a holistic approach to nutrition combined with integrated medicine. This is why Progressive has different multi vitamin formulas based on age, gender and level of activity. [#readmore2 title=progressive multi vitamins]
Multi vitamins combat stress by managing hormones for healthy aging, liver and kidney support and to ensure the body stays in balance. Keep in mind over 30 years of clinical experience shapes Progressive multi vitamins. [/#readmore2]

Nutritional Supplements for Daily Use

Progressive also offers nutritional supplements in the forms of antioxidants formulas, proteins, and greens. Progressive antioxidants help to protect our cells from the free radical damage that stress, toxins and life produce. Progressive antioxidant formulas have been designed to support and protect the entire body with the right spectrum of minerals, support nutrients and vitamins. [#readmore2 title=progressivesupplements]
Progressive Protein formulas support and repair muscle tissue, enhance metabolic activity, help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and strengthen immune function.

Progressive Green formulas contain nutritional vegetables that we need in our diet, and should be consumed in abundance. They help to balance your pH, cleanse and detoxify your body and support your overall health and vitality. [/#readmore2]

Progressive is Ahead of The Curve

Progressive employs the latest research and scientific evidence to design each formula. They use Auricular Medicine for testing the assessment of imbalances and an individual's ability to respond to specific remedies and treatments. Auricular medicine is based on detecting lowered electrical resistance on the ear of an individual when there is an energy imbalance in their body.
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