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Knowledge Products

Knowledge Products is one of the most trusted names in the industry for detox and cleanse kits. Autumn Lilac Organics proudly sells Knowledge detox and cleanse products online in Canada.

Knowledge Products is Canadian

Since 1994, customers have benefited from Knowledge Products' whole body cleansing and detox products. Knowledge Products was founded by Aleks and Gordana Radojcic in Canada in the early 1990's. [#readmore2 title=knowledgefounders]
Aleks has been practicing various types of natural healing for over 25 years. He is an acupuncturist, registered herbalist, iridologist, stress therapist, registered nutritionist, and energy healing therapist. Gordana is an ayurvedic practitioner (A.P.), bioenergetic testing technician and trainer, as well as an energy healing therapist. There is a lot of knowledge behind Knowledge Products.[/#readmore2]

Natural Detox&Cleanse Products

Knowledge Products formula blends are carefully and thoroughly researched to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness for cleansing. Each formula is effective on its own. When taken together, these formulas work in a synergistic fashion to cleanse and strengthen the whole inner body.

Manufacturing is done with strict standards using organically grown ingredients whenever possible. Knowledge Products blend the wisdom of age-old remedies and protocols with new discoveries in modern science.

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