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Hugo Naturals

Hugo Naturals makes handcrafted natural soaps and body care products, using only the purest and highest quality ingredients. They also have an entire line of baby products called Baby Hugo Naturals. Autumn Lilac Organics is proud to sell Hugo Naturals products online in Canada.

Hugo Naturals Really is All Natural

Hugo Naturals offers a wide selection of artisan soaps, handcrafted soaps, bath salts, shampoos, conditioners and other natural body care products. Only the finest all natural, food-grade ingredients available go into Hugo Naturals all natural products Hugo Naturals products are free of petrochemicals, animal fats, parabens, silicones, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, phthalates, propylene glycol, and synthetic surfactants. Their products are never tested on animals, gluten free, and made from sources that are sustainable, pure and natural. Hugo Naturals lotions, body scrubs and creams are only scented with pure essential oils and plant essences. Respect for the earth's natural resources is the secret to the success of Hugo Naturals.

Baby Hugo Naturals

The Baby Hugo Naturals line of natural baby products is lovingly crafted for the special needs for a baby's sensitive skin, without artificial fragrances, colors, chemicals or petroleum products. Hugo combines pure ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to create safe and gentle natural baby products you can feel safe about using on your little bundle of joy. Many of our Baby Hugo Naturals products are scented with a delightful blend of calming Chamomile and comforting Vanilla, leaving your little one smelling positively delicious.

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