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Garden of Life

Garden of Life products include protein powders, multi vitamins, and digestion products. All Garden of Life products are raw, whole foods, that are sourced from organically grown farms. Autumn Lilac Organics sells Garden of Life natural products online in Canada. [#readmore2 title=garden of life more]
Protein powders and multi vitamins made with raw whole food nutrition deliver more benefits for your health than isolated nutrients or vitamins. Over one billion tons of pesticides are used in conventional farming. Pesticides and other toxins can affect anyone who consumes them in many ways. Garden of Life products never contain ingredients that have been grown using pesticides, or toxins.[/#readmore2]

Garden of Life, Empowering Extraordinary Health

Garden of Life's mission is to create natural products that people can use every day to live a healthy lifestyle. For Garden of Life, this mission can be broken down into three categories. Empower means that Garden of Life products are designed to let you take control of your health. Extraordinary is because Garden of Life believes in premium nutrition that goes beyond the ordinary. And lastly, Health, your health is a gift, and extraordinary health is a goal worth pursuing, both for you and your family.

Garden of Life RAW Protein Powders

Garden of Life RAW Protein powders are certified as organic RAW, vegan protein powders. Protein powder shakes are suitable for almost everyone. This includes those on vegetarian or vegan diets, people on low carbohydrate diets or for people with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey or other sources of protein. [#readmore2 title=garden of life raw]
It's not just about what Garden of Life RAW Protein powders contain. It's also about what Garden of Life protein powders don't contain. There are no fillers, artificial flavours or synthetic ingredients. All Garden of Life RAW Protein powders are also gluten free and dairy free.[/#readmore2]

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