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Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby offers natural organic herbal products for pregnant women and babies. Earth Mama has organic products that women can use for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, and natural baby products to help soothe their growing babies. Autumn Lilac Organics sells Earth Mama Angel Baby organic products online across Canada.

About Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby was founded by Melinda Olsen who is a nurse, herbalist and mother. Her mission is to constantly research, test and refine products, while educating people about the safe use of herbs and ingredients in personal care. This dedication is behind every product of Earth Mama Angel Baby. [#readmore2 title=earthmama]
Earth Mama Angel Baby is an industry leader in natural and organic herbal products. Located in Oregon, Earth Mama has been supporting mothers and babies for over 10 years. Every product they make is made with only natural and organic ingredients. They continually refine products as organic ingredients or more efficient herbs become available. A dedication to research and development is a hallmark of Earth Mama Angel Baby.[/#readmore2]

Pregnancy&Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama products help ease pregnancy nausea, hemorrhoids, stretch marks and Postpartum perineal bruising, episiotomy and Cesarean section. When used while breastfeeding, Earth Mama products help with engorgement, sore, cracked nipples and milk supply. Earth Mama Angel Baby products help to soothe your baby's diaper rash and dry skin. Only the highest quality ingredients (no toxins ever) are used by Earth Mama Angel Baby. Throughout the entire miraculous birthing process, mothers across the US and Canada rely on Earth Mama Angel Baby.

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