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Ddrops is definitely one of the best known Vitamin D supplements for babies, kids and adults in Canada. Drops in 100% Canadian owned and operated. Autumn Lilac Organics proudly sells Drops online in Canada. [#readmore2 title=ddrops]
Ddrops are tasteless, odourless drops that contain no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no added colours. The Vitamin D3 in Ddrops products is naturally sourced from lanolin. Although lanolin comes from sheep's wool, the animal is not harmed during the production process. All Ddrops are classified as vegetarian products, suitable for 'lacto-ovo' vegetarian use. [/#readmore2]

Ddrops: The Sunshine Vitamin

Ddrops Company is passionate about Vitamin D, which is the most common vitamin deficiency in the US and Canada. Their research and development is geared for developing and marketing safe, effective, convenient and economical forms of Vitamin D supplements under the brand name Ddrops. Ddrops' mission is to spread a little sunshine vitamin simply one drop at a time

Ddrops Offers 5 Choices for Vitamin D

Baby Ddrops are specifically designed for infants to provide the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D in one single, purified drop.

Kids Ddrops is a simple way to safely receive Vitamin D in just one purified drop, without any chemicals or additives.

Ddrops Booster is specially designed for consumers who are already taking a multivitamin containing a small amount of Vitamin D, but wish to ensure that they get their full intake of Vitamin D.

Adult Ddrops is known for its value in bone and muscle strength development, and for helping to prevent bone fractures.

Vegan Ddrops is a liquid Vitamin D supplement containing 1000 IU of Vitamin D2 and is ideal to use if you are vegan.

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