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Botanica offers a line of premium whole food nutrition products that make a difference. Botanica only uses whole plant, non-GMO, organic or ecologically harvested ingredients in their line of natural health products. Autumn Lilac Organics sells Botanica nutritional products online in Canada so you can enjoy the many benefits of whole food nutrition.

Botanica is meticulous with their production processes. This allows them to maximize their ingredients to deliver superior nutritional products with maximum purity, potency, and efficacy. Botanica nutrition products only use the highest quality herbs harvested at peak potency. Purchasing from organic farmers and ethical wild crafters ensures sustainable sources for Botanica nutrition products.

Botanica is More Than Just Whole Food Nutrition

Stress and the lack of a proper diet are common issues in today's fast paced world. Modern farming can also limit the nutritional content in food that we consume. Many people find the solution using Botanica's whole food nutrition supplements. [#readmore2 title=Botanica Supplements]
Botanica Greens are a superfood blend that is packed with nutrients and antioxidants derived from whole food, and they taste incredible. Botanica Omegalicious is a product line of rich Omega-3 fatty acids made with pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Botanica uses a patented process for their distilled fish oil. This process ensures maximum absorption and improves the digestion of fats in the body.

Botanica also offers some of the finest Herbal Tinctures available. Their tinctures, or liquid extracts, contain plant actives and minerals including the full energetic plant spectrum.[/#readmore2]

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Botanica carries a wide range of products and questions or concerns may arise. Give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have or use our simple and easy to use question form.

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