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Bach Flower Remedies available online in Canada. There are 38 flower remedies in the Bach remedy system. Autumn Lilac carries all 38 flower remedies in stock. Each remedy is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. Since the 1920s and 1930s people have relied on Bach remedies. [#readmore2 title=bachflower] Bach Remedies were discovered and created by Dr. Edward Bach. He designed his flower remedy system to be as simple as possible. Bach flower remedies don't treat physical complaints directly. Instead they assist treating the negative emotional states that aggravate or worsen illnesses. They even offer registered Bach Foundation Practitioner certification courses for Bach Flower Remedies. [/#readmore2]

Bach Remedies are natural

Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural method of healing. Made from wild flowers, they are safe for the whole family. Bach remedies work by flooding out negative feelings and emotions. Sometimes repressed emotions have to be cleansed from the system. Energy from the plant is the active ingredient in Bach Flower Remedies. [#readmore2 title=bachflowerremedies] Bach flower remedies come as a liquid, preserved in brandy. All you do is dilute two drops of each remedy into a 30ml dropper bottle and top up with mineral water. From this mixed bottle take four drops, at least four times a day. You can also put two drops into a glass of water. Depending on your mix of emotions, you may need to mix two or more flower remedies. [/#readmore2]

Bach Remedies are about emotions

Bach believed the 38 remedies were enough when used in combination to treat every conceivable range of human emotions. The 38 basic flower remedies connect with the higher spiritual self. Bach Flower Remedies remove negative emotions with the positive energies from flowers. Happiness and joy in humans and animals can be restored with the right combinations the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.

Questions about Bach Remedies?

Flower remedies products can be confusing. Call us if you have any questions or use our simple question form for questions on Bach Flower Remedies.

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